Alex Waterhouse-Hayward
Photographer, Writer, Artist

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward is a Vancouver-based commercial and fine art photographer.

One of Canada's most experienced magazine and portrait photographers, Alex has photographed celebrities (Bob Hope, Candice Bergen, Dennis Hopper), politicians (Larry Campbell, Carole James, Jack Layton) actors (Molly Parker, Nicholas Campbell) writers (William Gibson, Nick Bantock, Douglas Coupland, Mario Vargas Llosa) and enough CEOs and business leaders to start his own capitalist army. His favourite photographic subjects are his granddaughter and the roses and hostas that populate his garden.

His pictures have appeared in publications ranging from the New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Stern to Readers' Digest, the Globe and Mail and the Georgia Straight. His commercial work has adorned everything from annual reports to postage stamps. Alex is also a teacher and a writer, and he would like to take your picture.

You can talk to Alex about all of this and more by calling him at 604-266-7200.