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Dances for a Small Stage
Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Today I attended the 12th installment of Dances for the Small Stage at the Crush Champagne Lounge. Even though I was one hour early the queue was so long I almost did not get in. It may be no coincidence that my three favourite acts were performed by three of the dancers seen here. On the top right, Susan Elliott made it more difficult for herself by dancing on an even smaller stage that was no wider than she is long. Margie Gillis, on the bottom right, not only choreographs for her body but for also for her long red hair. Dana Gingras, on the bottom left, danced without her Holy Body Tatoo partner Noam Gagnon. Dancing in her black teddy, Gingras would have made Rita Cansino jealous. But missing this evening and in other Dances for the Small Stage was the presence of a good dancing man. My favourite ever was Ballet BC's Miroslav Zydowicz seen here stroking artist Tiko Kerr.

Dances for a Small Stage


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