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Rebecca in Guanajuato 2005
Sunday, February 12, 2006

When we went to Guanajuato in August, 2005 we stayed at the Hotel Castillo de Santa Cecilia. This hotel was built in the 40s over an existing fortification and it was made to resemble the castle of Segovia, Spain. Rebecca loved running around the long dark corridors but there were quite a few spots with plenty of light, too, like here. Rebecca poses by the door of La Iglesia de La Valenciana. Sometime in the late 18th century, the nearby Valenciana mine produced a big chunk of the world's silver and gold. The money helped build this church in the Churrigueresque style. We had to return several times because Rebecca fell in love with a large 19th century painting that showed Mary Magdalene about to be stoned by angry men but with Jesus intervening. Rebecca was both impressed by the size of the stones on the ground of the painting as well as the fact that Mary Magadalene is portrayed as a beautiful blonde.



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