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Don Giovanni, The Preacher, The Musical Director & The Real Estate Agent
Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tuesday night I went with Rosemary to a Vancouver Opera performance of Mozart's Don Giovanni. We arrived in time (the opera begins a half hour earlier now, at 7:30)for The Preacher of the Opera's (Doug Tuck, right)always interesting pre opera chat. Without having any Spanish blood that I know of, baritone Brett Polegano seduced all the women on stage and most of us in the audience. At the intermission I went to the orchestra pit. I was surprised to see that on Jonathan Darlington's podium there was an exquisite red Craig Tomlinson harpsichord. More surprising still, Ray Nurse, Vancouver lutenist, lute,etc maker, baritone, music schollar, etc was carefully tuning it. I had forgotten that the English musical director of the Vancouver Opera (top left)likes to play the harpsichord for Mozart operas while also conducting. Craig Tomlinson is a successful West Vancouver real estate agent who makes the most beautiful and colourful harpsichords I have ever seen. Ray Nurse says their sound is exceptional, too. Don Giovanni will be performed again on the 9th, 11th and the 13th. There is still an opportunity to feast your eyes on that instrument. Doug Tuck's chat is at 6:40.

Vancouver Opera
Craig Tomlinson


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