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Patrice B - One Of The Boys
Friday, June 09, 2006

Patrice B was one of the boys. She, Ian MacGuffie and I were inseperable friends. We had coffee at Blenz on Seymour Street together and discussed photography. Ian and I would try to convince her to stop smoking. Patrice smoked when she was stressed out over her job of taking head shots of babies and pets. We were thrilled when she was hired by the Vancouver Opera to shoot posters for one of their seasons. She was unhappy over her relationship with the lead singer of Econoline Crush. It seems that in the end she dumped him not thinking he would ever amount to much. As it was, Econoline Crush became a hit band with a hit song that was based on the singer being dumped by Patrice. A couple of weeks before Patrice moved to LA (she was going to find a way of taking photographs of Jason Priestly which she did) she asked me to photograph her. Before I even started, when she was being made up, my eyes opened and I realized she was not one of the boys.


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