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Mars Rover - Getty Images
Saturday, October 07, 2006

This photograph that the Mars Exploration Rover took of Cape Verde in Victoria on Mars was credited to NASA in today's New York Times. It is a beautiful photograph. But it does not have the emotional impact of that first photograph taken by the American astronauts of our Earth from the moon. When I look at that photograph I can think, "We, are from there."

Another emotional impact, rage, hit me when I saw this same Mars Rover image in the on line version of the New York Times. For unknown reasons the NASA credit is modified. At the present rate of the Getty Image acquisition of all of our memorable images, we will soon have to pay to be able to see any of them. Would it even be possible that even the mere thought of them might someday infringe on copyright?

This "state of the art" blog has an image width limitation of 5 inches so that I am unable to size this very wide picture and still make the credit visible. Here it is:

NASA via Agence France-Presse - Getty Images


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