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The Scourge of God and Blue Mouse Ears
Wednesday, February 28, 2007

There is a curious resurgence of my memory for botanical Greek and Latin that happens every year about know. As I sense spring in the air, in spite of last night's snow fall, my memory for the names of plants comes eking back. Andre is fixing the white picket fence that went down with the November storm. He is Bosnian but must have the blood of Attila in him. My plants have confided in me that Andre does not need a horse to be The Scourge of God. His boots are enough. I hope my hostas are still asleep and out of the way of Andre's boots. The promise of beauty is in the air and my memory of the unexpected detail of unopened hosta flowers comes to mind. This one, Hosta 'Green Fountain' reminds me of Star Treck's Birds of Prey. I must remember to order Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears' for Rebecca from Thimble Farms on Saltspring Island.


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