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The Real Molly Parker
Tuesday, September 04, 2007

In William Gibson's novel Idoru two women face a webcam of the future while chatting, one in the Orient and the other in America. As far as we know both are absolutely naked yet as each look at each other in whatever large monitor the future will bring us they are exquisitely dressed in designer clothing. Behind them (in actual fact, probably an empty room) is designer furniture. Special effect fractals coat the tables with authentic dust. The room looks lived in. The women are wearing virtual designer clothing purchased on line. We no longer are what we seem to be. A huge on line company can in actual fact be one person. This is the 2007 version of the rock and roll impresario/artist/manager/roadie/fan/merchandiser being any one of them by using a different voice on a different phone line.

And if you have a look at the covers of the Magazines on a London Drugs magazine stand you will note that the young women on them have skin with no pores or one defect. They shine with the glow of Photoshop.

Perhaps you might notice one magazine tha is slightly different. It features Molly Parker. You would note her freckles and her skin is not smooth as I cannot possibly be. To me she looks even more beautiful because this is how she is. The magazine?

Vancouver Lifestyles Magazine


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