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Monday, March 31, 2008

Definitely the statement that some of the best things in life are free applies here. And I was lucky to get this invitation!

If you are available to come to one of these two rehearsals we would be very happy to see you there.
Please feel free to pass this information on.

Dancers Dancing Open Rehearsals:

Monday, March 31 from 3-5
Tuesday, April 1 from 1-3

3rd floor at the Scotiabank Dance Centre. (corner of Granville and Davie)
You are welcome to attend part of a rehearsal.

We will be running our tour program before our final Made in BC - Dance on Tour Dates

The Program includes:
TWO, The Late Edition
Trio of Duets
ONE, The Catwalk

Danced by: Desirée Dunbar, Christopher Duban, Vanessa Goodman, Kiri Figueiredo, Bevin Poole
Choreography by: Judith Garay
Original music by: Ted Hamilton, Patrick Pennefather


Often my students or young phtographer aske me if I would allow them to watch me work during a portrait session in my studio. Most often I answer in the negative. I wrote about it here.

This is why when I get an ivitation to watch dancers dance in pre-performances I make it a point to attend. What seems to be a pattern that is increasing, to my dismay, is that I cannot get Rebecca to attend them. Since we went to a PBO concert on Friday she turned me down for Garay's dance session today. It's the logic of a 10-year-old, "If I go to this I will not go to that." It breaks my heart to think that she may be losing her interest in dance as she increasingly wants to play computer games (the noises during these games make my cringe). But I cannot force the young girl. But this comes with an unforseen surprise. Lauren has said yes and she and I will be watching the dance session at the Scotiabank Dance Centre this afternoon.

There is another reason why I am looking forward to it. At one time I would have been embarrased to admit that I am going to a dance session to watch a particular dancer. But it was Artemis Gordon, the Dance Director of Arts Umbrella who once told me that I have nothing to be ashamed of. "Dance consists of beautifully shaped and fit men and women moving gracefully."

Lauren and I will be there today and I will be watching the deliciously shaped and powerful dancer Desirée Dunbar. Even though se will not be wearing a white raincoat I will not be disappointed.


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