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Lillooet - Pleasantville in Technicolor
Saturday, May 31, 2008

Looking at Ale (left), now 39, playing with Lauren and Rebecca out in her Lillooet back yard I find it almost impossible to believe but I also find myself lucky to be able to enjoy it. In particular, today, while Rebecca and I were both seeing Pleasantville for a second time, Ale and Lauren were bonding outside with the help of a hose and nozzle.

Even though the drive is not an easy one the next day (today) seems almost like a real live Pleasantville, a Pleasantville in Technicolor. Sounds, smells, tastes and colours are enhanced. Rosemary almost relaxes and I have my two granddaughters all to myself without the hindrance of their parents!

We visited Lloyd McNary's (79) farm today (photos will follow during the week). The girls rode a beautiful horse, bareback and we finished off the stay with McNary's fruit compote and yoghurt ice cream. We then dropped in on Teresa Scallon and Zane Spencer's mountain retreat (very near MacNary's) complete with waterfall and vegetable garden. Lauren and Rebecca rolled down their grass hill while we watched a view to die for.

A cheese fondue will be our dinner (we even brought the Kirsch) and in the morning I will be making extra think pancakes (not crepes, just thin pancakes). We have an unopened container of Argentine dulce de leche which we will slather on those pancakes. I never ask where's my dinner. If I don't cook it, there is no dinner. Since I came to understand this some years life has been less stressful. Besides I like my own cooking.


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