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Furnarius rufous
Friday, March 10, 2006

Thinking about Uruguay has further accentuated my longing for the open space that is the Argentine pampa. My parents would send me every January, during the school holidays of the Argentine summer, to estancias (ranches) in the province of La Pampa or once to a little one called Glen Rest in the somewhat hilly country of the province of Córdoba. Be it it pampa or the hills, wherever there was a fence post, I would see the ubiquitous baker-oven like nest of the the Hornero or Furnarius rufous commonly called the Ovenbird. To protect its chicks the Hornero builds what really is an adobe structure with dirt, straw and lots of saliva. The nest has a twisty nautilus-like entrance that is supposed to ward off snakes and other predators. In another bout of Argentine nostalgia I decided to photograph the exquisite (and Argentine) Linda Lorenzo as an Hornero.



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