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Lauren Elizabeth Stewart - Mezzo-soprano-in-waiting
Thursday, October 19, 2006

When Rebecca Anne was born 9 years ago it didn't take me long to warm up to the little girl she quickly became. I have been smitten since. Hilary became pregnant again four years ago and I (almost) seriously told her that if she had a little boy I would disown her. Luckily things worked out as I planned and Lauren Elizabeth is with us. At the dinner table yesterday Lauren and I played the staring-at-each-other-game to see who would blink first. Hilary had invited us over and Graham Walker, too. Graham and I were going to Brief Encounters 4 at The Anza Club. We wanted to see Susan Elliott. Lauren is particularly fond of Susan Elliott's brand of contact improvisational dance. I have taken her to rehearsals with Rebecca and I long for Lauren to be just a bit older. Then both of them will accompany me to dance performances.

But perhaps dance is not in Lauren's future quite yet. Right now I would say she is a mezzo-soprano-in-waiting. She has a startling low pitched voice.


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